Monday, February 27, 2012

Exercising During Pregnancy

Back at the very beginning of this pregnancy I was going to write a post about my goals for this pregnancy.  But in typical fashion I didn't get around to it.  But that has worked in my favor because I would have had to come back & post about my failure to keep any of those goals.  All-day nausea while taking care of a toddler kinda put a stop to my goals. 

One of those goals was that I was going to exercise everyday or at least nearly everyday of this pregnancy.  And I think at first I made the attempt but walking on the treadmill.  But then nausea set in & I just couldn't get myself off the couch.  It was a drastic change going from running 20+ miles a week to nothing at all. 

I had read that exercise could help with nausea so I thought I'd give it a try.  It wasn't easy but after a few minutes I didn't feel sick anymore.  And for maybe an hour after I was done I felt good. 

Walking also helped a little with my insomnia.  I could wear myself out just enough to help keep me extra tired for bedtime.

I can't say I haven't put on weight though.  But it was bound to happen.  But I can tell that I haven't put on as much weight on my thighs & butt as I did with my last pregnancy.  The maternity jeans from that pregnancy still don't fit me really well despite now being 35 weeks.

And now that I'm determined to do a truly natural birth I've got an extra push to keep walking.  It helps keep my sciatic pain at bay & prevents me from waddling.  Who knows?  Maybe it'll help from staying pregnant all the way to my due date.

I can't say this was an easy routine to get into.  It really took me till the 3rd trimester to find a time of day that works, which is 11:00 during Sesame Street.  Shaylin can sit on the couch & watch her show & the treadmill is set up where I can easily keep an eye on her.

I've started adding in some yoga after my walks.  Netflix has a program called Yoga Mama geared towards pregnancy.  I'm doubtful that any of the women on the video are as far along as I am & they seem to have been doing yoga for a while, even before getting pregnant.  I'm still not very flexible & the backs of my thighs are extremely tight but after just a couple weeks it's starting to get a little easier & I can definitely see where it's helping my hips.

So for anyone that's pregnant or hoping to get pregnant, whether it's your first time or 4th time, I would highly recommend finding some kind of exercise.  It really will pay off.

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