Thursday, July 28, 2011

There's a Bun in the Oven!!!

Yesterday was an exciting day for our family!  We found out that we were going to go from a family of 3 to a family of 4!  This is the first time we've ever announced a pregnancy this quickly but this time it just felt right.  And we did it by posting this picture on our Facebook walls.  Apparently people didn't figure it out right away but when they did the congrats starting rolling in. 

It really came as a shock to me yesterday.  We'd been trying for a few months now & it had actually been taking longer than it used to with past pregnancies.  Being in our 30s now wasn't helping.  I was trying not to stress about it but that's one of those things that's easier said than done.  In June I decided to start training for the marathon & just see what happened.  Last week I was 90% sure that if it didn't happen this month that we were going to take a break so I could focus on the marathon & just to have a break from that stress.

So anyway I had myself convinced that it just wasn't going to happen.  I was more relaxed this month & didn't even use my basal body thermometer very much.  I finally did on Monday & the temp was high.  I thought it was weird but just went on like normal.  I forgot to do it the next morning & started planning my run for Wednesday, which was going to be outside on some great hills in my neighborhood.  But with crazy heat we were going to get made me change my mind.  Plus, I just had this nagging feeling that I shouldn't run.  So Wednesday morning I took my temperature & it was still high.  Now I knew something was up.  I had to go to the store so I picked up a couple home pregnancy tests.  Side note:  How weird was my cart at Walmart?!  I had dog food, chicken, pizza sauce, & 2 pregnancy tests!  What a combo!

Anyway, I came home & took the test & immediately that little + sign showed up.  It had been a long time since I had seen it & I couldn't help but smile.

Obviously I will not be doing the marathon now.  And I won't be running.  As I've said before, most females runners are allowed to continue running through most of their pregnancy.  But with my history of miscarriages it's just not worth it.  I have to say it feels weird that I won't be running for 9 months.  Running has become such a big part of who I am.  But I don't mind because now I can focus even more on the other part of me:  being a momma.

So am I still nervous?  ABSOLUTELY!  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't.  There is a peace I seem to have which I can only thank God for.  I'm not yet even 5 weeks & that is the first hurdle for us to get over.  5 out of 6 babies were lost before making it to 5 weeks.  The other one was just shy of 7 weeks so that is our 2nd hurdle.

As for the due date, there can be some debate on it.  The doctor will likely say it's March 31st.  I believe it actually should be April 2nd.  But since I've pretty much decided this one will come early just like his/her big sister did, I'm sure it'll be a March baby.  So I may as well just go with the date the doctor gives me.  And that's not a bad one to take considering this Saturday would put me at 5 weeks already!

My first doctor's appointment is on Monday.  I know!  I was surprised I got in so soon!  I don't expect a whole lot to be done.  It really will be too early for a good ultrasound.  All we'd likely see is the sac.  But we will go as a family.  My doctor & nurses haven't seen Shaylin since my 6 week post-partum checkup so I'm excited for them to see her again.  And I absolutely love my doctor & his staff.  They were some of our biggest fans through my pregnancy with Shaylin.  There's just something pretty cool about seeing your doctor beaming over the sight of your growing belly. 

So for those who didn't notice the picture or just didn't get it, now you know what's going on.  We're having another baby!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Running Anniversary to Me!

I recently realized this month marks 3 years since I started running.  It's amazing to see how far I've come.

At that time I had recently suffered my 4th miscarriage & was starting some bloodwork to try to find answers.  The ups & downs of hormones & depressions had really affected my weight.  I also just needed an outlet for my frustrations & a place to just think & pray.  Jeremy had already been running for a while & had even ran his first marathon earlier that year.  So he suggested I finally give it a try.  I had tried once but was trying to run faster than I should have & gave up. 

I don't remember where my first run took place.  Probably the treadmill but I don't know for sure.  And I don't remember exactly when it took place.  All I know is I started.  And outside of a 9 month break, I haven't stopped since.

My ability has definitely changed since then.  Back then I was running about a 13:30 pace, which is a pretty slow jog.  I was also only running up to 3 miles.  That fall I ran my first 5k.  Now I can fairly comfortably run a 10:30 pace & I'm training for my 2nd marathon.  I never thought there would have even been a 1st marathon!

So if you're just starting out learning to run, don't get discouraged.  It's definitely hard work but when you can look back & see how far you've come, you realize it was all worth it!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Belly Fat Cure

Nobody really loves a diet.  I mean, the word "die" is in it!  And sometimes we feel like we might "die" if we don't get to drink a soda or eat half a gallon of ice cream or eat an entire chicken fried steak at Babe's.

Well, we've been eating like that for too long.  And despite all the running I do, I can't really eat whatever I want & still lose weight.  I sort of could back in the breastfeeding days.  But as soon as those ended so did my high motabolism. 

I'm not going to go into my husband's dieting woes since it's my blog & not his, but I'll just say that he's tried.  But when he was working 2 jobs (that ended last month) there was only so much he could do. 

So now we're determined to beat this.  He wants to drop his weight once & for all & I want to find a way to not struggle with mine & get rid of my "mommy fluff".

Jeremy heard about this book called "The Belly Fat Cure" from some ladies at work.  The author talked about cutting carbs & sugars, not fats like we've always been told.  This was the same thing we heard on a documentary called "Fat Head".  You can find it on Netflix.  The movie was in response to "Super Size Me" which we all know was about the guy who ate McDonalds for 30 days & gained a lot of weight.  Well, the "Fat Head" guy ate at McDonalds but used his brain!  He didn't get sodas, would eat burgers without the buns, & would find better side option than fries.  He set a limit of carbs he'd consume each day.  And in the end, he lost weight!  So we were intrigued.

Last week we started our new diet.  In it you are limited to 15 grams of sugar a day & 6 "units" of carbs.  A carb unit is anywhere from 5 to 20 carbs.  So if a slice of bread has 12 carbs, then that's 1 carb unit.  If something has 25 carbs, then it's 2 carb units.  It has us eating whole grains which helps with the carbs but also gives more fiber (another thing we're to get more of).  And we eat more protein.  So chicken, steak, bacon . . . yes, I said bacon.  We've seriously had bacon almost everyday in the last week!

And here are our results in just 1 week:

Me - lost 3 lbs. & an inch in my waist
Jeremy - lost 9.4 lbs. & 2 inches in his waist

Not only have we lost weight, but our energy hasn't been effected.  Honestly, I'd say I have felt better this past week than when I could eat "normal foods".  It hasn't even affected my running!  And we haven't been craving the wrong foods.  Well, maybe I have a little but it's hard when you're the grocery shopper in the house!

Our meals are actually good.  From time to time I may post some.  Here's an easy pasta one that I absolutely loved.

6 oz. whole wheat penne pasta (cooked & drained)
1 cup pasta sauce (it's gotta be something low in sugar; it'll be more expensive but remember you're only using 1 cup)
1/2 cup heavy cream (yeah, seriously!)
1/4 chicken broth
season w/ salt, pepper, & oregano
4 chicken breasts, cooked & diced

Cook sauce, cream, & broth till it starts to simmer.  Add chicken & cook a few more minutes.  Pour over drained pasta.  Top with shredded parmesan.

This is for 4 servings.  But believe me that it's enough.  You can serve it when a side of broccoli (1/2 cup) which you can "season" with butter. 

So yeah, I'm pretty convinced that this is the diet we've been needing all along.  I will try to give updates on our progress.  It makes me excited to see how well it's worked so far!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear Treadmill,

I have a love/hate relationship with you. 

You're a great rescue from the scorching Texas heat.  It's pretty great to have the a/c on, your tiny built-in fan blowing on me, & then a couple more fans blowing on me.  I love how I always know what pace I'm running at.  When I'm outside I'll lose focus & slow down.  But when I run on you I can set a pace & hold it.  You've also been a great help with speed workouts.  I like sprinting the last 10th of a mile of most runs & when I'm on you I can set the sprinting pace I want to do & see just how far I need to go.  When I'm outside I tend to slow down too soon.  You've also been much easier on my knees than concrete & asphalt.  This was especially nice right after having a baby.

But there are things I don't like about you.  Mostly it's that I feel restricted & confined.  You don't offer any change of scenery or people to wave to.  I can't work on my runner's tan with you either.  I also don't get the hill workouts that I need.  Sure, you have incline settings but it's still not like running outside where inclines constantly change.

I run 3 times a week & typically 2 out of 3 are on the treadmill.  Most of those are fairly short runs.  But I'm training for that marathon again so some are going to be 6, 7, & even 8 miles.  Those really get to be a beating.  My ipod can only help so much.

But for all the times that I dread running on you & it just feels like a beating, I really am thankful to have you.  You have been a pivotal part of my training.  Some runners try to say that you can't train for a marathon with a treadmill.  Well, we proved them wrong!  For moms especially, you are one of the best running partners to have!

See you tomorrow!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Yucky Virus

We had a rough week last week.  It started Wednesday morning at 6am when Shaylin woke us up crying.  As soon as I walked in the room I could tell that she had thrown up.  She did it again 5 more times that day, including once in the car right as I pulled into the doctor's office.  Yeah, that was not fun!

She didn't have any other symptoms that day other than being fussy & clingy.  She was very tired from waking up early & not sleeping well when she would nap.  The doctor said it was a nasty virus that's been going around, mostly affecting kids.  My guess is she picked it up when we went shopping at Walmart the day before.

The night she started getting a fever.  It was 100.2 so we gave her motrin.  At 4am she woke us up & her temp was 102.  I gave her more motrin & laid on the couch with her since she obviously wanted her momma.  There was very little sleep involved for me.  I just can't sleep with her, as much as I love that closeness.  Plus she was very restless as you can imagine.

Most of Thursday we were battling with the fever, but no more vomiting.  Twice that day including after dinner her temp reached the highest ever at 103.4.  That got a little scary for me.  She still had a rough night of sleep that night but she at least managed to stay in her crib all night.

Thursday night I had noticed what I thought was a diaper rash.  We even thought it was a heat rash due to her fever.  But the next day it started spreading.  It got all over her legs & started up her arms & stomach.  So I made another trip to the doctor.  They confirmed that this was another reaction to the virus.  It wouldn't bother her or make her itchy & the rash itself wasn't contagious.  Once she had gone 24 hours without a fever she was clear of being contagious.  Since she had a low grade one at the doctor's office on Friday we had to keep her home a little longer.

On Saturday the rash peaked.  Thankfully it didn't reach her face!  But by then you could actually feel the bumps & she looked pretty bad.  We needed to go to the store that evening so we decided to take her & wondered if people would say anything.  Nobody did so either they didn't notice or they did but were being polite.

She's still got the rash today but it's lightened up.  It's gonna take a few days for her skin to get back to its normal pasty self.  But she is at least feeling like her sweet & happy self again so that makes me happy.