Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Running Anniversary to Me!

I recently realized this month marks 3 years since I started running.  It's amazing to see how far I've come.

At that time I had recently suffered my 4th miscarriage & was starting some bloodwork to try to find answers.  The ups & downs of hormones & depressions had really affected my weight.  I also just needed an outlet for my frustrations & a place to just think & pray.  Jeremy had already been running for a while & had even ran his first marathon earlier that year.  So he suggested I finally give it a try.  I had tried once but was trying to run faster than I should have & gave up. 

I don't remember where my first run took place.  Probably the treadmill but I don't know for sure.  And I don't remember exactly when it took place.  All I know is I started.  And outside of a 9 month break, I haven't stopped since.

My ability has definitely changed since then.  Back then I was running about a 13:30 pace, which is a pretty slow jog.  I was also only running up to 3 miles.  That fall I ran my first 5k.  Now I can fairly comfortably run a 10:30 pace & I'm training for my 2nd marathon.  I never thought there would have even been a 1st marathon!

So if you're just starting out learning to run, don't get discouraged.  It's definitely hard work but when you can look back & see how far you've come, you realize it was all worth it!

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