Monday, July 11, 2011

Yucky Virus

We had a rough week last week.  It started Wednesday morning at 6am when Shaylin woke us up crying.  As soon as I walked in the room I could tell that she had thrown up.  She did it again 5 more times that day, including once in the car right as I pulled into the doctor's office.  Yeah, that was not fun!

She didn't have any other symptoms that day other than being fussy & clingy.  She was very tired from waking up early & not sleeping well when she would nap.  The doctor said it was a nasty virus that's been going around, mostly affecting kids.  My guess is she picked it up when we went shopping at Walmart the day before.

The night she started getting a fever.  It was 100.2 so we gave her motrin.  At 4am she woke us up & her temp was 102.  I gave her more motrin & laid on the couch with her since she obviously wanted her momma.  There was very little sleep involved for me.  I just can't sleep with her, as much as I love that closeness.  Plus she was very restless as you can imagine.

Most of Thursday we were battling with the fever, but no more vomiting.  Twice that day including after dinner her temp reached the highest ever at 103.4.  That got a little scary for me.  She still had a rough night of sleep that night but she at least managed to stay in her crib all night.

Thursday night I had noticed what I thought was a diaper rash.  We even thought it was a heat rash due to her fever.  But the next day it started spreading.  It got all over her legs & started up her arms & stomach.  So I made another trip to the doctor.  They confirmed that this was another reaction to the virus.  It wouldn't bother her or make her itchy & the rash itself wasn't contagious.  Once she had gone 24 hours without a fever she was clear of being contagious.  Since she had a low grade one at the doctor's office on Friday we had to keep her home a little longer.

On Saturday the rash peaked.  Thankfully it didn't reach her face!  But by then you could actually feel the bumps & she looked pretty bad.  We needed to go to the store that evening so we decided to take her & wondered if people would say anything.  Nobody did so either they didn't notice or they did but were being polite.

She's still got the rash today but it's lightened up.  It's gonna take a few days for her skin to get back to its normal pasty self.  But she is at least feeling like her sweet & happy self again so that makes me happy.

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