Monday, October 3, 2011

2nd Trimester, baby!

I've been so excited to have finally reached the end of my 1st trimester.  Unfortunately, it doesn't mean my energy comes back & the nausea disappears immediately.  If this pregnancy goes like the one with Shaylin, then I've still got a couple more weeks to go.

But still, just reaching the point of the pregnancy when the risk of miscarriages takes a nose dive makes me happy.  And a good doctor's appointment this past week where we again heard the baby's heartbeat brings me a big sigh of relief.

The nausea is still pretty random.  I have good days & bad days.  Eating & I have a love/hate relationship now.  All along I could eat & my nausea would go away.  And it's still like that.  But now eating makes me sick.  Sometimes I even go into a meal not sick but then about 10 minutes after I eat I'm sick.  I'm trying to watch my portions but that hasn't seemed to make a difference.  Hopefully this doesn't continue through the remainder of the pregnancy.  There's too much good food out there!

Last week I had some really bad headaches, the kind that wouldn't go away.  And of course Tylenol, the only thing I'm allowed to take, doesn't work as well as other options out there.  Someone brought up the possibility of not drinking enough water so I started chugging water & since then I haven't had anymore headaches.  It's possible it could just be hormone-related, especially since the headaches occurred at the end of the 1st trimester.  But I know I haven't been drinking near the amount of water I used to so increasing it certainly isn't a bad thing.

Ending my 1st trimester also meant that I was able to stop taking prometrium, the progesterone supplement I've been taking twice a day since I learned I was pregnant.  I'm so happy to have 2 less pills to swallow everyday!  They weren't big pills but when you're feeling sick any pill is a struggle to get down.

My next checkup is on the 26th.  I'll be 17 1/2 weeks at that point so I'm hoping I will get to schedule my BIG ultrasound while I'm there.  I think my doctor prefers his patients to be 18 or 19 weeks before having it done so probably somewhere around the 1st week of November we'll get to know who's in there!  I can't wait!

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