Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chugging Right Along

Oh yeah!  I've got a blog!

I so want to blog more often.  I constantly get ideas of things I want to post but just don't take the time to post them.  Maybe I'll just do some marathon posting at some point.

So I'm 17 weeks now.  I still get sick from time to time but it's not constant.  Mostly it's after I eat or when I'm really tired, like today.  I've been feeling the baby move & kick everyday for the past 2 weeks now.  Today I'm pretty sure I felt it on the outside.  This seems to be a really active baby.  Tomorrow I have a checkup & I'm sure we'll get to schedule the big ultrasound a week or 2 later.  So it won't be long before we know who's in there!

I've been trying to find ways to cut back on our grocery bill.  It's definitely not easy as a family of 3 (going on 4).  But last week I made one great meal choice:  ham.  I cooked it in the crockpot with brown sugar, pineapple juice, & maple syrup & served it with mashed potatoes & green bean casserole.  There were rolls & sweet tea, too.  It was a wonderful meal!  We took off most of the meat to save for sandwiches which we ate all week for lunches & Sunday night for dinner.  And we froze the ham hock which I'm using today for beans & rice.  That should be another dinner that will stretch pretty far.  I'm thinking I'll do that meal once a month.

Now that it's slowly cooling off it makes more sense to have soup.  And soup stretches pretty far, too.  Shaylin doesn't do too well with soup yet but grilled cheese is an easy backup for her.  So I'm on the seach for easy, low-cost soups.

There could be more to tell about us but since we don't know anything right now I'll have to just keep that quiet.  How's that for being vague?!  We know that God's will will be done so we are just praying that His will is also our will & whatever the outcome we accept it.

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  1. Please share cheap recipes, even meat-free ones. I'm trying to use less meat.