Monday, November 7, 2011

Boy or Girl?

Today's the day!  It was supposed to be on Wednesday but they're doing some work in the sono room that afternoon so they called to reschedule & OF COURSE I asked to have it moved up!  It's not till 4:30 so this day is gonna drag.

So I wanna know the general consensus - boy or girl?  I have a feeling the votes are pretty evenly split.  My feelings are still that it's another girl.  This pregnancy, although different, is still fairly similar to my last one with Shaylin.  Also, this baby's heartrate has been almost exactly what Shaylin's had been.  And I know the whole heartrate thing isn't really scientific but it proved right with Shaylin so I'm sticking with it.

So please vote!  I'll set up a poll on the side.  You can choose to vote there, in the comments on the blog, or on Facebook when I post the link on my wall.


  1. I go with Mom's intuition - GIRL. I was absolutely right with both of my boys, so I know we moms know what we're talking about! Praying for a good u/s, and a cooperative and HEALTHY baby!

  2. I was wrong with all three of mine, lol! Although, I had a feeling that Brad was a boy just because of how much sicker I was. I think I was in denial since I already had two girls, I honestly thought it would be another girl. I think it is a Boy for you! But above all, a healthy baby! I had to wait until after 6:30pm to find out, ugh! LOL!

  3. I say Girl! Hope you enjoy her! = )