Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A House Full of Girls

Yep, that's what my husband gets to live with!  And I'm including our 2 female dogs.

It's another girl for us!  We went in really kinda expecting to be told it was a girl so it wasn't a big shock.  And this little girl was much more cooperative than her big sister so the reveal was much less dramatic. 

Her name can finally be revealed, too.  Her name is Jillian Grace.  And, no, we're not trying to stick with S & J names.  We simply pick names that we like.  The name Jillian originally came on the radar for us back when we used to watch The Biggest Loser.  One of the trainers was named Jillian.  We don't necessarily love her but we loved her name.  And we've wanted to use Grace for a middle name but never felt that it fit with Shaylin's name. 

I'll confess that for a brief time I started second-guessing this name.  I just wasn't sure I loved it.  But then I heard a TV character with the name & I started to like it again.  And now that we've revealed it & gotten such positive feedback about it I'm even happier that we stuck with it. 


  1. So if you have more girls, are you gonna have their middle names Hope, Faith, or Love? I love the name you guys decided on, and can't wait to meet little Jillian Grace!

  2. It's a beautiful name! I must confess to having doubts about Cecilia's name even since she's been born, but when I really comes down to it, I can't think of anything that would suit her better. : )

  3. Shelly, I have to tell you. I have loved the name Jillian Grace since I was in high school! I have a niece named Julianna Grace, so we were hesitant to use it. But I lOVE it!
    (And we might have girls with matching names someday, if we have another little girl.) :)