Saturday, August 4, 2012

Running Goals

And now for my running goals, because I didn't want this in the last post.

Unless I find a real cheap race any sooner, my first post-partum race will be the Run 4 Justice 5k on October 27.  I ran it back in 2011 but it was in February that year.  This will give me over 2 months to work on my pace so I can finally achieve my goal of running a 5k under 30 minutes.  On the treadmill I'm already very close to it.  If it wasn't for our ridiculous heat I'd give it a try outside.  But I'm going to wait at least another month before I attempt an outside run.

I would like to find a 10k after that.  I've actually never run an official 10k race.  Weird considering I've done a half & full marathon.  So I'd just like to find one just so I can say I did it.  And hopefully if it's after my sub-30 5k then I can do the 10k under an hour.

The big race I'm going to be working towards is a half marathon in January.  I have a friend who's also planning to run it & he lives very close to the course & says it's hilly.  So not only do I need to work my way up to 13.1 miles in 5 months but I've gotta get stronger for hills.  I'm really not worried about the distance.  That I know I can do, although I would like to run it at a 9:30 pace if possible.  Official training for it would probably have to begin in November so I still have some time.  But by November I need to be at a minimal of 7 miles for long runs.  That's 4 miles I have to add to what I did today & with 3 months to do it that shouldn't be a problem.

There's one more goal further down the road & that's to run the same full marathon that I did almost 2 years ago.  It would mean summertime training but I still feel like I need to redeem myself for that race & greatly improve my time.  That training wouldn't begin till June of next year so I have lots of time to get myself in condition for it.

So those are my goals now that I'm done with Couch to 5k.  Goals give me motivation to get on the treadmill 3 times a week.  As much as I love to run I really to struggle some days to do it.  So if you want to run I would encourage you to find a race & work towards it.

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