Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yes, it IS hot enough for me!

I'm so glad I don't work anymore.  I'm sure if I did I would still have customers walk into my office & ask "Is it hot enough for ya?".  What does that even mean?! 

Lately it's actually been too hot for me & everybody else.  Today will be day 34 of continuous days of 100+ temps.  The record was set in 1980 with 42 days.  And based on the forecast we will likely set a new record in 2011.  May as well if we're going to endure this heat, although it's not like we'll win a prize for it.

I heard that we reached 111 degrees in some areas yesterday.  And according to it's predicting 110 for today through Saturday.  Just now at 7:30am it's already 85 degrees!

The heat has really been affecting me lately.  I've been feeling a little sick when I get too hot.  And sometimes there's just no avoiding it.  It really makes me feel for those pregnant ladies around here who are in the last weeks or days of their pregnancies.  I can't even imagine how miserable they must feel!  I pray they can get some relief soon, either with a cold front or by going into labor & getting to sleep in one of those extra cold hospital rooms.

I'm also praying for the people that have to work outside in this.  In the first couple years of our marriage Jeremy was one of those people.  He read meters for the electric company so there was lots of walking no matter the weather.  If our meter hadn't already been read I would be looking out for our meter reader so I could offer him some iced water.  A few people did that for Jeremy when he was out there & I really appreciated it.  We do have a mailman that walks the neighborhood so my plan today is to place a note inside our mailbox letting him know that the cooler on the steps has water & Gatorade in it & it's for him.  Hopefully he will take it & that won't see creepy.  I just know it's hard enough walking this neighborhood because of the hills, let alone in 100+ heat!

I'm also tired of being cooped up in the house.  And Shaylin is too.  She so wants to play outside but there just isn't a good time to do it.  As soon as it cools down, even to the low 100's, I'm going to have to take her to the splash pad so she can have some outdoor water fun.

Then there is my dogs.  Kaylee in particular loves being outside.  It's just the type of breed she is.  Keira gets excited to go out but is always more excited to come back inside.  And that may be because the heat is making her sick.  So I have to be careful on how long I let them stay outside.  Plus, these poor dogs haven't been on a walk in months.  It's just too hot for us all to go out.

Hopefully all of this misery will end in another month of so.  But that's a long way away.  August tends to be the hottest month in Texas & it's only the 4th.

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