Friday, May 6, 2011


This past Tuesday was my birthday.  I turned 31.  You don't believe me?  Yeah, I don't either but based on my birth certificate that's how old I am.  I have at least finally reached that age where I gladly accept people telling me I look younger.  When I was 20 & I kept being told I look 15, it wasn't too fun.  Now I can totally pass for a 20 year old!  And even better is I'm in better shape than I was at 20.  Sure I was way skinnier but skinny doesn't equal in shape.

Anyway, we didn't have huge plans for my birthday.  Just the usual - go out to eat with the in-laws to the place of my choice, open presents, eat whatever dessert I chose (I'm not much of a cake person).

But then Shaylin got sick.  Not longer after my last post she started getting really congested & still had the fever.  So I knew we were going to have to stay home.  Jeremy did go out & get us Chipotle for dinner.  It was what I had wanted for my birthday dinner anyway.  I opened my presents from him & Shaylin.  Other than that I just comforted my sick little girl.

Of course I'm not mad at her.  It's not like she wanted to be sick & did this to me.  It just showed us how things are different now as parents & how we have to put Shaylin's needs before our own.

Besides, that night I started getting sick.  Woke up at 4am with a fever.  I went to the doctor later & they were willing to give me a prescription even though I didn't have all the viral infection symptoms yet.  While there, we asked the doctor (who wasn't Shaylin's doctor) to check her ears.  She did & said the left one was red.  So we called her pediatrician's office & got an appointment right away.  Turns out it was a full-blown ear infection.  So now she's finally on antibiotics & is slowly getting better.

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