Friday, May 20, 2011

A small victor but a victory none the less!

Today I read this news article that a friend posted on Facebook.  Yes, I live in Texas but seeing how I rarely get to watch the news I hadn't heard about this yet.

I am so happy to hear about this law.  And of course there's a little pride in there that it was in Texas.  But mostly I'm very happy.

I have always felt that women should be required to have a sonogram before an abortion.  They may acknowledge that a baby could come in 9 months if they allow it.  But do they realize the development that this little baby has made by the time they go in for an abortion?

I don't hide the fact that I've suffered through 6 miscarriages.  Most happened very early, before we could have a sonogram.  But baby #3 held on the longest & we saw him/her at 6 1/2 weeks along.  It did look like a little blob but we also saw the heartbeat.  Then 3 days later we lost that baby.  It's because we saw that baby on the sonogram screen that that loss hurts us the most.  It gave us a connection to that baby.

Typically by the time a woman's period is due, they are considered 4 weeks pregnant.  But I highly doubt most women are taking a pregnancy test at exactly 4 weeks.  Those that do are usually the ones trying to get pregnant & don't want to wait & see if they're "late".  So it's probably not till they are a few days late that they take a test. 

Well, by 5 weeks the baby's heart has started to develop.  By the end of that same week, its tiny heart is beating & can be seen on a sonogram.

So I am going to assume that by the time a woman finds out she's pregnant, calls an abortion clinic & gets the procedure scheduled, that baby's heart is already beating & pumping blood.  So if this woman could actually see that tiny heart, would she still try to convince herself that it's just a bunch of tissue she's getting rid of? 

In the article the opposing argument is that this law will just make it more difficult for women to make the decision to go through it.  WELL, GOOD!!!  It's your child in there so it should be all the more difficult. 

What I would hope to also come from this is a stronger focus on adoption.  I'm sure some of these women would still not feel that they can have a baby for whatever reason it may be but are overcome with the reality of what's growing inside them.  That's where they need to be directed towards their options with adoptions.  Adoption doesn't mean they have to be completely out of their child's life.  There are many families out there wanting to adopt that are open to open adoptions. 

I'm sure plenty of controversy is going to come from this law.  Hopefully other states will follow though.

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