Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Worst Blogger Ever!

I'm fully aware I have a blog.  I even somehow still think of myself as a "blogger".  But you wouldn't know it by how often I post anything.  I think of things but never get the time to do it.  And by the time I do find the time the post doesn't seem relevant.

So for now I'll just post some updates & thoughts.

Summer is here.  No, it's not June 21 yet but summer comes to Texas much earlier.  I think we've even hit 100 degrees once or twice.  The hot weather means Shaylin's outside play needs to be much earlier than before.  The poor girl is just as white as her momma & daddy! 

For the past 9 months or so Jeremy has been working a 2nd job.  The decision wasn't easy.  We weren't necessarily strapped for money.  But if we wanted to speed up the process of paying off debts & some other future plans this was the best way to do it.  But we've now gotten to the point where it's taken a toll on all of us.  Shaylin ends up only seeing her daddy on the weekends.  I could desperately use the help with Shaylin in the evening.  And Jeremy is just exhausted, both physically & emotionally.  So we have decided that he will quit the 2nd job at the end of this month.  We'll still be able to pay our regular bills & buy groceries.  Other things just have to change.  But we're kinda ok with that because we want our family to be together & as long as we're together we'll be happy.

I plan to start training for a marathon again.  However, should God allow something to come into our lives, then the running will stop.  I'm excited about the possibility of running the marathon again.  I'm still not quite as fast as I have wanted to be but I'm still faster than I was a year ago.  I should easily keep this one under 5 hours but I could possibly get it close to a 4:30 finish time, which would be incredible.  I just have to play it safe because I've struggled with shin splints here & there.

Shaylin continues to grow & is less of a baby everyday.  I need to start writing down all the words she can say so I can get a real count.  She's got quite a few teeth & is currently at 11 1/2.  Her eating habits are still pretty good.  We've discovered she likes peas & corn which is good since she doesn't like green beans anymore.  Bananas & peaches (from a fruit cup) are the only fruits she still eats.  I'm trying to get her to eat other fruits but so far we haven't had much success.  Most foods though she will eat, which makes meal planning much easier.

That's pretty much it for us.  Hopefully I can get into a better routine & get back to blogging because I really like doing it.

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