Friday, March 4, 2011

Another Sleep Change . . . But a Good One

Shaylin is a very inconsistent sleeper.  She tends to get into a new routine every 2 weeks.  I never really know what to expect.  I got a good eater, not a good sleeper, I guess.

Her latest change is something I'm really liking & hope it's here to stay. 

Pretty much since birth her bedtime routine ends with me holding her on the couch till she falls asleep.  Over 13 months later I regret that I didn't do something different.  It has made some nights very difficult. 

Last week there was a night where Shaylin just would not fall asleep.  She kept looking around, playing with my hair, whatever she could do to stay awake.  So I decided that from then on I would not hold her for longer than 30 minutes.  Then I'd lay her down & let her cry it out if need be.

The first time was hard.  There was about 20 minutes of crying/screaming (Shaylin's really more of a screamer).  But then this week something changed.  She's still looking around, being goofy.  But then I carry her to her room, give her a kiss & tell her I love her, lay her down, & leave. 

And you know what?  I've done this now for 4 nights in a row (counting tonight) & she hasn't cried at all.  Sometimes I hear her talk for a bit but that's it.  She seems to actually just roll over & go to sleep on her own!  I'm so proud of her!

Now the real test will be if this continues for more than 2 weeks.


  1. Good job momma! Babies can handle this earlier than we expect them to! Glad she is doing good with it and praying it lasts longer than two weeks!

  2. yeah for her and yeah for YOU. i KNOW that is hard.
    because of some advice i was given (and surprisingly heeded-lol) i started early training my babies to sleep on their own. {i remember thinking.... but i LOVE to hold them when they're asleep... so i would on occasion hold them for part of their nap :)} except for a few set-backs here and there, they have all 3 (sharing a room, mind you) gone to sleep on their own consistently from about 6 mo. on.
    way to go. and praying it's the norm now! :)