Saturday, March 12, 2011

One nap a day

I've kinda been dreading the day when Shaylin would be ready for one nap a day.  It's been nice having her take 2 naps a day.  It gave me 2 periods of time each day to myself, whether it be working out, cleaning, or taking a nap myself.  Back in December I was wondering if she was ready for the switch because she wasn't sleeping long during her naps.  But I was stubborn & stuck to our routine & eventually she went back to normal.  So it confirmed to me that she wasn't ready.

The start of Shaylin's day varies.  It's gone as early at 6:45 to as late as 8:30, but that late was rare.  7:30 is most normal.  So by 10 she'd be ready for a morning nap.  And then her afternoon nap was at 3.  Both naps would be at least an hour but rarely up to 2 hours. 

Sundays have been the one day of the week when she would get only one nap a day.  It's been like that for quite a while now.  With church at 10:30 (and Sunday School at 9:15 if we make it) there's just no way she can have a morning nap.  Sometimes one of the ladies in the nursery can rock her to sleep for about 10 minutes but usually she's too busy playing to want to sleep.

This week I decided to take the plunge & try switching her to one nap a day.  Monday was great.  Shaylin slept for over 3 hours!  The rest of the week has varied.  She's been teething really bad so she'd wake up & then go back to sleep.  But most naps were 2 - 2 1/2 hours in total.

A big reason why I wasn't ready for the switch was how it would change my running routine.  I like running in the mornings.  I have more energy in the mornings.  And then I can rest in the afternoons.  But now I have to wait till around 2:00 before I can run.  However, the nice thing about this is since she is taking longer naps now, this gives me more time to run longer.  If she sleeps at least 2 hours, I can easily run 5 miles, cool off, shower, & rest for a bit before she's ready to get up.

This is just another step towards my baby girl growing up.

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