Friday, December 24, 2010

A cold for Christmas

It looks like Shaylin is getting her first cold & she's getting it for Christmas. 

Yester we noticed her sneezing more than usual.  By the evening I could hear her getting stuffed up with gunk.  I put the humidifier on in her room last night.  It didn't help as far as sleep goes.  From the time she went to bed (8:45) to midnight I don't think she slept a solid hour.  Most of the time she'd just cry out & go back to sleep.  So by the time I went to bed (12:15) I turned the monitor off.  I figure if she's just going to cry out like that I may as well get as much undisturbed sleep as I can.

But at some point in the middle of the night she woke up & wouldn't settle down.  I know she was just feeling awful.  So I scooped her up & went to the guest room.  I thought it best to go there since there wouldn't be a ceiling fan blowing down on her & Jeremy could still have a chance to rest.  Snuggling with her momma seemed to help settle her down & let her rest.  But the momma doesn't get much sleep.  I know I did sleep a tiny bit because I remember a couple short dreams.  But I certainly don't feel rested.

Since Jeremy was going to be home today I had wanted to do an outside run.  But now with my lack of sleep & the fact that it's really cold & raining outside, I don't see any run going on today.  Besides, I'm a momma before I'm a runner & my baby needs me.

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